Playing Outside Enhances Kids’ Love of Nature and Animals

A study conducted in China found that there is actually a correlation between time outdoors, love of animals and a desire to conserve the environment. Researchers concluded that children who spend more time outdoors are more likely to protect and value nature.

  • Let ‘Em Out! The Many Benefits of Outdoor Play In Kindergarten

    Children at the Waldkindergarten, an all-outdoor kindergarten in Switzerland, spend all of their school days engrossed in outdoor play. Located in the middle of the woods, students are surrounded with handmade structures that allow them to explore the freedom of play. The forest kindergarten was established by a group of teachers who felt it was necessary for children to have more space to play and learn.

  • Teaching kids healthy habits: Program that started in Milwaukee, now takes place at every Major League ball park

    A program that began at Miller Park in Milwaukee for kids is now held at every major league baseball field. PLAY (Promoting a Lifetime of Activity for Youth) aims to make living a healthy lifestyle a priority for young people. Staff members create activity stations that teach kids about healthy living, nutritional values, and the dangers of performance-enhancing drugs.

  • Q&A: Designing Playful Learning Spaces

    Read the Q&A session with Margaret Middleton, an exhibit designer at the Boston Children's Museum, about designing playful learning spaces.

  • What playfulness can do for you

    The subject of playfulness has been researched for quite some time. A recent study shows that people who display high levels of playfulness seem to be better at dealing with stress, more likely to have active lifestyles, and succeed academically. However, researchers are still confused as to what playfulness actually is or how to define it.

  • At this hospital, kids play while being treated

    Gujarat Medical Education and Research Society General Hospital (India) has recently added additional toy rooms and play areas for the children of the pediatric ward. Volunteers of the hospital say, "It is important that children of a specific age play certain kind of games and toys that suit their mental abilities."

  • Most children 'play outside for less than an hour a day’

    A recent study has found that most children only play outside for less than an hour per day. This finding stems from the fact that simple outdoor pleasures have been replaced by televisions and computers.

  • U of S researcher touts play to build strong bones

    University of Saskatchewan researcher, Marta Erlandson, believes disorganized play can help kids build stronger bones. Disorganized play activities can simply include getting outside and having fun. Helping kids build stronger bones while they are young can benefit them as they grow into adults.

  • The Re-imagine Learning Challenge - April 10 to September 17 - "As part of a three-year partnership with Ashoka, the LEGO Foundation has pledged more than $200,000 to challenge prizes alone. Enter today and help us learn about your vision for education in the 21st century!"

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  • OUT IS IN, Park & Recreation Month 2014 - July 1 to July 31 - Lets make 2014 the year we get OUTside! Help celebrate National Parks and Recreation month this July, by changing your OUTlook and getting INvolved in your community through parks and recreation!

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  • Playful Adventure at Capon: enjoying the freedom of outdoors! - September 1 to September 4 - Capon Springs and Farms (West Virginia) will be hosting a play theme getaway on September 1-4. The Play Lady, Pat Rumbaugh, will be leading activities throughout the event.

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  • Ontario Physical Literacy Summit 2014 - September 26 to September 27 - The 2014 Ontario Physical Literacy Summit will be held September 26-27, 2014 at Redeemer University College in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada).

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