Thank you for your interest in becoming involved with the US PLAY Coalition. We invite organizations and individuals to join us in a national play coalition to promote the value of play in the lives of children, adolescents, and adults. In partnership with existing organizations and initiatives, we have begun to mobilize the following five committees:

  1. Coalition-building Committee: To ensure the greatest possible diversity of perspectives, knowledge, and experience among the coalition’s members.
  2. Research Committee: To review and synthesize the results of research on the effects of play and play deprivation on lifelong cognitive, physical, and affective development and on public health and other vital societal interests.
  3. Communications Committee: To develop strategies for informing the public and policymakers about the value of play and to inspire individuals and families to reap the benefits of more playful lives.
  4. Play Policy Committee: To advocate for practices, policies, and legislation in support of play, including changes in liability laws that unnecessarily restrict opportunities for healthy play.
  5. Playful Communities Committee: To establish national guidelines and other practical resources for healthy play and healthy communities.

If you recognize the value of play, want to learn more about its benefits, and are willing to help communicate with others about its importance, then you should join the U.S. Play Coalition. We welcome the involvement of individuals as well as nonprofit, for-profit, government, and faith-based organizations.

Membership is free, and simply requires a declaration of shared commitment to the value of play.

By submitting this form, I certify that
I believe in the value of play.
I wish to receive more information and knowledge about individual and societal benefits of play.
I will work to further the cause of play be sharing this information with colleagues and others as situations allow.

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