Recess for adults, a personal commitment!

Do you remember recess from your early school years? That time when you were free to run and skip, jump and PLAY. As guest blogger Leigh Anne Hunt explains, recess for adults is just as important. So important, that it deserves to be scheduled into your week. She writes about her experience with building recess into a busy work-home life and the new energy and balance she has achieved. Give it a try!

  • 2016 Play Conference - April 3, 2016 to April 6, 2016 - Mark your calendars because you will NOT want to miss this!! After five years, the Conference on the Value of Play is getting a reboot! Starting with a change in dates because April showers are way more fun than power outages and sleet there are BIG PLANS for the 6th Annual Play Conference. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears perked because spring has sprung and so have we! More details to come!